meditation in 5 minutes

The best anti-stress cure – to relax – for the current situation we are experiencing is to disconnect 5 minutes a day meditating.
“Meditate, that word that most of us associate with common practices in other countries …”. However, sitting in a quiet place with your eyes closed or letting the thoughts flow while we walk in a pleasant environment … can be another way to meditate and connect with our body, mind, and space.

You don’t always have the time to do a long day of meditation, and sometimes you need a quick relaxation that is possible at any time, be it at the office, at lunchtime, at the end of work, on the subway, or in any difficult situation like the one we are currently experiencing.

Steps to follow to achieve a 5-minute meditation :

  • Sit in a quiet, well-ventilated place. Cross your legs on the floor and lean your back against a wall or chair
  • Close your eyes, relax your face, and let your thoughts flow, without trying to blank your mind, just watch yourself.
  • Ideally, rest your hands on your knees or join your thumb and index finger.
  • Start by challenging yourself; sit for 5 minutes in silence, with your eyes closed. Increase the time each day, trying to always do it at the same time, creating a routine. When you see that you are overwhelmed or you start thinking about a thousand things, stop and leave it.
  • A simple technique is to count the breaths: inhale-exhale 1, inhale-exhale 2… and start over until you reach 10. Breathing through the nose slowly and deeply, noticing how the air enters and leaves the body.
  •  Staring at an object: fire, a fish tank … or something that relaxes you, is another technique.
  •  Zen music style “meditation” is ideal, to achieve a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

You can use these 5 minutes of guided meditation to relieve stress in this short time, to reduce anxiety levels, and to master your daily life in a more relaxed, calm, and focused way.
You can perform this quick relaxation exercise almost at any time or place, whether sitting, lying down, or even standing (even walking), but you must bear in mind that the meditations, while they are performed, require all your attention, just as when you go driving, or you’re cooking.

Performing meditation in 5 minutes helps you:

– Control the emotions that overwhelm us.
– Provides peace, calm, and general well-being.
– To manage better moments of stress and depression, reducing anxiety states.

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