known a little of Gmail tricks to save time

Gmail tricks

If you want to improve your use of Gmail, don’t miss the opportunity to use some of the following  Gmail tricks applied to your email inbox. With them, you will save time considerably.

It is more than likely that you have an account open in Gmail and use it almost every day. However, and although it is still the most used communication tool in companies , it can cause you great losses of time, concentration and productivity if you do not manage its use properly.

8 essential Tricks of the new Gmail

For your email to help you optimize your workflow and manage your schedules properly, it is important that you know some of the less famous tricks of Gmail. These are 16 Gmail tricks to increase your productivity in relation to email.

A little tricks to save time and productivity in Gmail

Undo sending an email already sent:  An AOL survey revealed that about 32% of people accidentally forward the wrong email. To correct gaffes, Gmail has created a feature called “Undo Send.”

All your emails in the same tab: If you hate jumping between tabs and prefer to see all your emails in one place instead of different tabs, opt to have all your messages in the main inbox. You can remove the tabs as Social or Promotional.

Send emails with a verification code:  The confidential mode in Gmail allows you to send emails that self-destruct or send an email with verification encryption sent by SMS to the recipient, creating an additional layer of security.

Use keyboard shortcuts: Use the alphabetic key “N” to read the next message and “P” to read the previous message if you are reading a multi-message conversion, among others.

Reply to All:  Occasionally, we forget to select the “Reply to All” option when sending a reply to multiple recipients. However, Gmail has found a solution to this problem. Just click on the settings tab and go to the general tab. Scroll down to the “Default Reply Behavior” and select the Reply All option. Now, the “Reply All” option will always be the default option selected when chatting with multiple recipients.

Desktop notification:  You can add a Gmail Chrome extension or go to Settings> General> Desktop notification and activate it. It is also extremely useful if you have set up email alerts for critical functions.

Another Gmail tricks  is Holiday notice: If you are away use the automatic reply option in Gmail. You can customize the message you want to send. To activate it, simply go to the settings, click Automatic reply enabled, specify the period and write the subject and message.


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