Cooking blog and cooking blog names are important for make money

cooking blog names, Cooking blog

Did you know that a cooking blog is one of those that can generate the most money? But cooking blog names are important.

One of the main reasons is, because of the time a reader spends reading the recipe, since it is not like in the articles on other pages, that people skip over it and then move on to another.

That alone makes the banners have much more performance and more if you listen to me and put the advertising that I recommend later, which I will also explain why it is much better than all the others, including Google Adsense.

I’m also going to discover many other ways to earn money with your cooking blog, apart from banners.

And of course I will explain to you how you can make the blog with a professional appearance, for free and without having to have any programming ideas.

So if you stay with me for 5 minutes, once you finish reading this guide, you can start your new recipe blog project or you can multiply the income you already have, if that’s your case.

How to make the blog and select cooking blog names

First of all, forget about BlogSpot, Blogger and those other platforms with long and unprofessional domains.

Okay, you don’t want to spend money, but a domain is worth less than $10 a year!

And a basic hosting will not cost you more than $ 60 per year.

That’s the only thing you have to pay to have a professional-looking blog .

You can do it yourself with WordPress:

After cooking blog names, Need a templates to create a cooking blog.

You can find many templates to make a cooking blog , which you can install in your WordPress and make the changes you want.

Here are some examples of templates designed specifically for making a recipe blog.

Your cooking blog’s Social accounts:

Social networks is something that you also have to take into account to publicize your blog.


Although it is losing strength in favor of Instagram and it shares less and less organically, it is still one of the main social networks that exist.

For a recipe blog, for example, it would be ideal to make videos of these, with titles and fast cameras.

If you put a steak with potatoes it will probably not be shared much, but if you put a cake that really attracts attention, it can generate up to millions of visits.

Take for example the following video shared by the Kiwilimon Recipe Blog, which has more than 10 million views .


If you are a good photographer and are capable of taking excellent photos of your finished dishes, here you can also attract a large following, especially using hashtags that food lovers can follow.


A good YouTube channel will always be a perfect complement, but with much more work and more complicated to monetize, since YouTube pays quite little for views. But it is something that you should never rule out.

As I have commented previously, I would use the videos that you create on YouTube, to insert them in your articles, to illustrate them, but without inviting them to leave your page.

Of course there you are the one who has the last word and the ideal is that you do what you want the most.

Cooking blog names is important to make money with it.

And here comes the part that I know you were waiting for!

The first thing, tell you that before prioritizing making money , you should focus on getting visits . That has to be your first goal. When you already have 100-200 visits a day, you can start some money.

Commercial for Thermomix and other kitchen robots

You can also take advantage of your recipe blog to become a commercial for Thermomix , the famous kitchen robot that is worth around $1,000 and whose sellers take between 10 and 20%. Imagine you sell 10 a month …

Unfortunately Thermomix has not yet released an affiliate program for bloggers, with which you could sell these kitchen robots simply by putting your link and without having to be contacting those interested, like a pure and simple commercial.

But you can talk about other kitchen robots , which are for example on Amazon , with which you will always get a percentage , which I understand from its commission table , would be 7% .

By recommending this Taurus food processor , you would get around € 60 for each sale …

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