home schooling

While the coronavirus pandemic is continuing, now home schooling is necessary. Families are continuing use of masks, washing hand every three hours, working meetings by online and students depend on school at home for their education. More than 1.37 billion students depend on their thus creating new learning system such as homeschooling.

Has it been difficult for you to apply this system at your home? Do you feel that your children are not learning? Has this new situation generated more stress for you?

According to Carolina Molina , a psychologist specializing in clinical and child development, these types of emotions can be normal due to the new scenario we are experiencing.

With the advice of Carolina Molina, we share a series of recommendations that will allow you to learn and enjoy this situation.

Establish a routine for home schooling and follow this and continue.

Eat breakfast, study, play, rest … Just as you and all the members of your family had routines before confinement, now more than ever it is important that you continue to respect them. For home schooling, this recommendation will allow them to better organize their times and comply with everything. Have breakfast in front of the pc or start classes late? For Carolina Molina , creator of the book ‘Guide for a millennial mom’, it is important to define clear rules to facilitate co-existence within the home for home schooling


home schooling
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Define a workspace

Are you one of those who does homework with your children in bed? Error! It is important to define the study and work spaces. Just as the bed or the sofa are their own settings to rest, watch a series or an animated movie, the study and the desk are places that promote concentration and creativity.

Make sure that this place is a space free of distractions and that you have everything you need at hand: books, notebooks, paintings, colors …

Activities with them 

Just as it is important to read the literature books, math homework and review the notes, time should also be devoted to moments of rest and relaxation. Organize the day so that there are spaces for everything related to school and others for art and recreation.

Have patience 

Learn from the lessons the pandemic leaves us every day and take advantage of them. Enjoy homeschooling, don’t rush, don’t push yourself too hard and don’t do it on your own. According to the child development psychologist, children learn new things every day.

Keep an agenda 

It is important that you instill in your children the habit of keeping an agenda from an early age. This idea will allow them to organize themselves much better and prioritize their responsibilities in the future . A data! Make this activity a fun plan; they can write tasks on a blackboard wall, a task board that they stick on the fridge, a nice notebook, and more.

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